3 day course..Young trees, Achieving Longevity in the Landscape

Young Trees – there is more to successfully establishing a young tree than getting planting right!

Anyone who has spent time with Keith Sacre over the past few years will appreciate the process of establishing the next generation of trees is much more than digging a hole and putting a tree in it. Working with the Consulting Arborist Society, Keith has developed a new three day course which explores the dynamics involved. Starting with processes on the nursery, and the development of healthy root stock, through assessing the site constraints, the course explores the importance of the growing media, species selection and post-planting management.

Developed for landscapers, landscape architects, tree officers, tree consultants and those in the planning process. The three days includes plenty of hands-on experience looking at trees on the nursery. It is supported by decades of research which Keith has distilled in to accessible resources. With assessment endorsed by Lantra, this course will equip delegates to implement the various elements of best practice involved. Whether you are involved in developing policy, designing specific schemes or implementing them, this course is for you.

The next course is being run at Barcham Trees on 30th & 31st October and 1st November.

For more information and to book your place please click HERE or contact Mark Chester at mark@consultingarboristsociety.com 

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