New stock available

Ist September release date for Barchams biosecure trees

Although 60,000 of its young potted trees were large enough for sale two months ago, Barcham Trees has deliberately not released them until 1st September 2017, when their quarantined growing season ends and the Cambridgeshire nursery is sure they are pathogen- and pest-free, and safe to be planted into the UK landscape.

"Customers have asked for them earlier", explains managing director Mike Glover, "and although they were well rooted by July ours is the only British tree nursery which insists on this long period of quarantine, during which time the health and vitality of our newly potted stock is regularly checked by Bartlett Tree Experts, DEFRA and our own staff.

"This policy demonstrates the practical realities of implementing a true bio-security policy, and its success means it cannot always be 'business as usual', and that methods and practices have to be rethought, often with cost implications to our business", Glover concludes.

His Barcham co-director and chairman of the Arboricultural Association Keith Sacre believes that with 'Protect and Survive' as its theme, the 51st Arboricultural Association National Amenity Conference, to be held at Exeter University from 10 to 13 September 2017, will be the first international conference on arboricultural bio-security. "We shall be examining the implications and effectiveness of bio-security policy, as well as considering plant health overall", says Sacre.