oak processionary moth

oak processionary moth

Biosecurity, A nursery grown response
Biosecurity, the real threat to UK trees
Tree Species Selection for Green Infrastructure: A Guide for Specifiers
TDAG's new digital guide on tree species selection is now available to download!
WOOD DECAY FUNGI Seminar in Austria
with Prof. Dr. Francis W. M. R. Schwarze on 19th of September 2018,
Barcham Trees arboretum
Exciting development at Barcham!!
Barcham plans for arboretum and visitor centre given green light by council planning committee
oak processionary moth
Biosecurity, the real threat!
Interviews with leading figures within the industry
Specification Manual
A guide to specifying young trees from the nursery
Nursery Benchmark System
‘Could Barcham utilise a series of non-destructive validated tests to assure customers of the physiological health and vitality of their trees to supplement, not replace, the existing morphological criteria already used.’
A group from the Society of Garden Designers at Barcham Trees

A group from the Society of Garden Designers at Barcham Trees

Group visits
Do you have a group that would like to visit the nursery
The Barcham Line
combating the problem of planting trees too deeply
A bee taking nectar from a trees flower
Honey bees need trees!
It’s easy to take trees for granted as they stand majestically throughout the seasons. However they do not just provide us with ornament bearing flowers and fruit for our pleasure but provide a much needed food source for Honey bees.
Hatfield forest in autumn

Trees in the forest at Hatfield

Young Tree Consultancy at Barcham Trees
Barcham Trees can now offer a Young Tree Consultancy Service lead by Prinicpal Consultant Keith Sacre BSc Arb MICF. Chartered Arboriculturist FICM.
Tree lines in one of our fields on the nursery

Summer time foliage display on our tree lines

Roadshows for Landscape Architect practices
Following the success of our Barcham seminars we are heading on the road with them!