Seminar, All gardening is landscape painting, 9th June 2015

A seminar with Amanda Patton

As a practising artist I use the principles and elements of art in designing gardens. And while principles, such as composition, determine the form of a garden, it is the elements of art which provide the mood. This then forms the basis of my lecture which will show how a garden's atmosphere can be enhanced through a knowledge of colour theory including hue, value and saturation and how texture, harmony and contrast can be applied to garden and planting design. Unlike in art, however, in a garden setting many of the elements have a fleeting quality to them, with natural light, time of day and seasons all playing a part. It's by understanding the way these elements can be harnessed and manipulated that allow garden makers to enhance mood and create that all-important sense of place

The day is completely FREE of charge with breakfast and lunch included