Seminar, Canker stain of Plane and other threats

A seminar with Lucio Montecchio

The case of canker stain of plane (CSP) (Ceratocystis platani), a lethal EU Directive 2000/29/EC Quarantine parasite pathogen that, while present in Europe since the 1940s with a strong Mediterranean foothold, today presents an emerging risk to the UK’s plane trees. The extent of the risk is such that the London Tree Officers’ Association has issued a biosecurity position statement drawing attention to the risk of infection, decline and mortality to the capital’s London plane tree population.

A good understanding of science, pathogen epidemiology and identification, asymptomatic colonisation and false symptomatology are fundamental if we are to develop early warning systems for alien tree diseases such as CSP that pose a real and present danger of establishment in the UK.

This short, sharply-focused specialist seminar can deliver a sufficient level of competence in practical disease identification to build a defence against early breeches in biosecurity.

The day is completely FREE of charge with breakfast and lunch included. Please see attached PDF for full details.

power points from the day can be downloaded HERE