Seminar, Pest and disease control, July 1st

A seminar with Dr Glynn Percival and Dealga O'Callaghan

Over the past few years, pest and disease severity of trees and shrubs planted within urban landscapes (gardens, streets, parks, etc) has been increasing on an annual basis. Uncontrolled many of these problems can result in high tree mortality rates. Likewise, with climatic change and increased international trade the threat of exotic pest and disease introduction (Ceratocystis platani, Emerald Ash Borer) is all to real. Research from the US and Australia demonstrate the importance of trunk injection technology in successfully managing these epidemics. With the new LANTRA trunk injection qualification scheduled to come on line in 2015 this seminar will prove of value and importance to professionals involved in the arboricultural, nursery production, horticultural and landscape industry to manage pest and disease problems. Areas covered include:

LANTRA training qualification.

Efficacy and development of trunk injection technology.

Impact of injections on non-target organisms.

Managing pest and disease epidemics based on a ‘Strategic Target Effect’.

Emphasising integrated pest and disease management policies such as the Slow Ash Mortality (SLAM) system for emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis).

In addition a practical demonstration will be provided of the recently developed TMI Trunk Injection system.

In this seminar Drs Glynn Percival (at the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory) and Dealga O’Callaghan (Independent Researcher) will discuss the importance of trunk injection technology to manage pest and disease severity. Management strategies and examples will be taken from world-wide studies so lessons can be learnt from countries with expertise in dealing with these epidemics.

The day is completeely FREE of charge with breakfast and lunch included.



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