Seminar, Trees and their benefits to health

A seminar with Dr Kathleen Wolf

Research shows that having a quality urban forest and green spaces in our cities and communities provides a broad array of health and well-being benefits, such as stress reduction healing, better learning, work productivity, and improved social dynamics.

This presentation will introduce the full array of scientifically measured health, well-being and wellness outcomes that occur when people experience nearby nature in cities. Focusing on the studies that have specifically evaluated human response to the trees found in everyday places.

This overview of the science, and some of the reasons why people respond positively to natural settings, points to the importance of green industry professionals and the need for long term planning and management of the urban forest. The presentation will help members of the audience present a stronger case for having trees in communities.

The urban forest isn’t just nice to have – it’s essential!

The day is completely free of charge with breakfast and lunch included, please see attached PDF for full details.