Seminar, Urban soil assessment and reuse as planting medium.

A seminar with James Urban

There is nothing more important than soil to the success of plantings in urban landscapes. Urban sites, and thus urban soil, make up a large part of the work of landscape architects – yet the analysis of urban soils is often ignored except as part of a geotechnical engineer’s report on its structural capability. Too often it is assumed that there is no soil of value; urban soil analysis is too difficult or impossible; and that if a better planting medium is needed then it is probably best to buy it.

This approach has led us to ignore a sustainable asset present on many projects. But there are often usable soil resources at many urban sites; it can be assessed; and with minimum effort, can often be reused as viable planting medium.

This workshop will teach practitioners a new approach to assessing and using urban soils and will present the protocols to analyze and use this sustainable resource. The workshop will include a hands-on introduction to the tools and principles required.

Presentations from the day can be downloaded HERE