Terms and Conditions


All plant material listed is offered subject to availability on receipt of order.


Barcham Trees is a wholesale business therefore all prices are ex nursery and do not include VAT at the prevailing rate. Ordering Orders placed on the telephone must be confirmed in writing by fax, email or in the mail.

Credit Account and Invoice Terms

Barcham has its invoices credit insured by Coface UK. Accounts are vetted by or insurer and credit limits issued. If a credit limit is not issued, payment is required on a pro-forma basis. Terms are stated on the invoice and should be strictly complied to avoid insurer collection. Until payment has been received in full, our trees are still the property of Barcham Trees Plc and can be recovered as such.


Whilst every effort is made to keep the nursery stock healthy and true to name type, our liability for plants supplied is limited to the replacement of those plants. No warranty expressed or implied is given to the growth or suitability of those plants to their ultimate location. If you are not completely satisfied, contact must first be made to the office within 7 days of delivery or collection and confirm in writing. Failure to do so will deem these goods as being accepted by the customer. No responsibilty is accepted for replacements, as so much depends on the planting, soil and weather conditions. Barcham Plc takes no responsibility for the cost of replanting failed trees.


All our container trees are guaranteed for twelve months after delivery if supplied and planted between the months of October through to March. No liability is taken for the stock supplied in bud and leaf between April and September unless the concern is registred within three days of delivery. Our guarantee is subject to drought, flood, vandalism and poor practice.

These terms and conditions shall take precedence over any other that customers may attach to their orders, any variation to these terms and conditions shall not be valid unless agreed in writing. In placing an order a customer is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.