Young Tree Consultancy at Barcham Trees

Barcham Trees can now offer a Young Tree Consultancy Service lead by Prinicpal Consultant Keith Sacre BSc Arb MICF. Chartered Arboriculturist FICM.

The selection and transplanting of young trees into an urban development is a complex and time consuming process involving several specialist disciplines. At Barcham Trees we have built up a team whose speciality is the production management and maintenance of young trees. Combining external academic arboricultural education and years of practical experience, Barcham has built a strong team of consultancy staff who are able to focus on the whole process of young tree management from design conception to project completion.

Barcham Trees is therefore pleased to be able to offer the following comprehensive young tree consultancy service.

1.0 Site Specific/Single Project Consultancy

  1. To advise on appropriate tree species choice on a site- specific basis.
  2. To advise on tree stock selection.
  3. To advise and assist in the drawing up of specifications for the production and supply of young trees.
  4. To Inspect and view trees at the supplying nursery during any lead time between tree selection and eventual delivery to project site. 
  5. To Inspect trees at the time of delivery to the project site ensuring that tagged trees are actually received that the condition of the trees is as originally specified and that all appropriate nursery best practices have been observed.
  6. To assist in the design of appropriate site- specific tree pits to ensure transplanting success.
  7. To monitor tree planting with site visits under the frequency and instruction of the designer/landscape architect
  8. To assist in the production of an appropriate post- planting management and maintenance schedule appropriate to the species production system and planting specification produced by the designer/landscape architect.
  9. To produce written reports for individual clients on all the above elements as required or for internal use by the landscape architect/designer. 
  10. To provide a comprehensive pest and disease diagnostics service post planting and advise on any remedial action necessary.
  11. All or any of combination of elements of the above selected by the landscape architect/designer will be detailed in a fully inclusive quotation for the project in question.

2.0 Retainer

For an annual fee  it is possible to offer a consultancy service on an as needed basis. This will include:

  1. A full telephone advisory service on all aspects of young tree use and development.
  2. One off site visits on an expenses- only basis.
  3. Free copies of any young tree information produced by Barcham Trees.
  4. Guidance towards current research into young tree production and management and the supply of research papers where necessary.
  5. Prioritised delegate places at the Barcham Technical Seminar Series held throughout the year at the nursery in Ely Cambridgeshire plus a copy of all literature produced as a result  of the seminar
  6. Two annual CPD sessions relating to the production maintenance and management of young trees.
  7. Open access to the Barcham Nursery in Ely

3.0 Hourly rate

All of the above can be offered as needed on an hourly rate basis.

Full details and pricing for this service can be downloaded on the pdf below.

For further help and information please contact

Keith Sacre BSc Arb MICF. Chartered Arboriculturist FICM